What is the difference between a Physio and Chiro?

What is the difference between a Physio and Chiro?

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This would have to be the most common question I get asked on a weekly basis.

For most people, it is a difficult decision to know who to see when you get an injury, especially if you are in desperate pain.

Aside from physios and chiros, you could also be choosing between seeing massage therapists, acupuncturists, osteopaths, thai massage therapists... just to name a few!

So what is the difference between a physio and chiro?

My usual answer to this question is:

“Like all health professionals (and any service provider), there are good and bad physios and chiros. Both professionals should be biomechanically trained, where they look at how your body moves and functions. Typically, chiropractors may be more manipulation based with their therapy. Chiros may also see a larger majority of spinal injury.

Physios may also manipulate, but not all do. We may also treat a larger variety of injuries of the whole body. We are typically manual therapists who also need to lead in the exercise rehab front, and are able to diagnose and give a prognosis for injuries.  In addition, our training involves cardiopulmonary, neuro and orthopedic rehabilitation.”

I think the key point to remember when choosing the right health professional to help you is that if you are seeing the right health professional for yourself, you should be feeling better and working towards achieving your chosen goals!

For those that have seen both physios and chiros, is this how you would best describe us?

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