What is Power Taping?

What is Power Taping?

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One of the most powerful and undervalued uses of kineseotape is in improvement of movement and performance.

This is done through applying long lengths of tape that cover a whole chain of muscles used in a particular movement. Rocktape, a particular brand of kineseotape, refers to this type of taping as “Power Taping”.

An example of power taping can be seen below. As you can see, there is tape from the feet all the way to shoulders. 



I have managed clients who after being power taped over their posterior chain (as seen in the picture above) have experienced improved:

  • ability to touch their toes
  • ability to use legs effectively for kicking and jumping
  • power in their tennis serve
  • mobility of the posterior chain when doing squats
  • endurance of the posterior chain muscles when running

For many people, small improvements in any of the examples above could mean dramatic changes in performance. This can be revolutionary for many athletes.

The posterior chain is just one example of how you can use a power taping application. There are many other chains or movement patterns that can be taped.

Deciding which chain to tape based on a thorough assessment is important. 

In the many years of using kineseotape, the use of power taping would have to be one of the most jaw dropping applications that I see due to the amazing changes that take place immediately from the tape.

If you see any athletes with long lengths of tape on their body, keep in mind that it could be a power taping application.

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