Top 3 pain education tools

Top 3 pain education tools

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"So you’re saying it’s all in my head? My pain is real” can be a patient response when discussing pain.

Explaining pain to patients is challenging. After all, pain is a complex topic and many of us have varied beliefs about it. It can be difficult addressing someone’s questions about pain in a 30min session.

However, the better your understanding of what pain is, the faster your recovery!

Patient and practitioner education is paramount.

Luckily there are many great resources available to help us with this.

I’ve included my top 3 pain education tools that I have used to help educate myself and patients:

  • Entertaining TED talk by Professor Lorimer Mosley, talking about his personal experience with pain. "Why things hurt".

  • Excellent animated video on how pain works. What is Chronic Pain

  • The Protectometer Explain Pain activity book. A great resource for helping patients understand pain and possible treatment strategies.


Have you found any other helpful resources on pain? I would love to know about them.

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