Stress: is it hurting you?

Stress: is it hurting you?

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We are more than a jumble of bones, muscles and nerves. Pain is not purely caused by physical injury.

Science and medicine in present day is really starting to see and treat the human body holistically.

It’s fascinating to see how external factors in our life effect pain and our health.

We now know that when stress caused by lifestyle, such as work pressure, disgruntle relationships and even unpleasant environments, will increase your pain experience. (video)

The appropriate treatment of pain, apart from physical therapies also requires changes to our beliefs and behaviours.

I have just finished reading this review, which highlights numerous studies have found that your environment/ nature has beneficial effects on health. For example, a walk in green space was shown to reduce in stress and anxiety disorders, musculoskeletal complaints, and improve healing!

I thought this really compliments and supports our chronic pain management strategies that we discussed in the last post.

Have a read, do you think what is discussed will help you treat your pain and stress in the future?

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