Get to know your EP - Tom Patterson

Get to know your EP - Tom Patterson

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We believe there is a right trainer for everybody. A personality and expertise match can go a long way in making exercise safe, motivating, and sustainable. 

This year's Exercise Right Week theme centres around "Who's your match? Getting to know your expert of exercise".

To break the mould and challenge stereotypes of who the right exercise professional may be, we've interviewed our excercise physiologists so you can get to know them! 

Meet Tom Patterson:

Tom Patterson.png

Where did you grow up? I grew up as a towny in Tamworth! No farm life for me, but I did love getting into the bush around the area.

Do you have any nicknames? I always got "Patto" for obvious reasons but I have too many more to list here - you'll have to ask in person!

Star sign: I am Acquarius, carrier of water. 

Favourite food: At the moment it's got to be Red Thai curry - but I like all Thai food. You can never go wrong with Thai. 

Your favourite zoo animal? Chimpanzees. It's so fun to watch their behaviour. Other animals in the zoo are quite dull.  

Where would you like to travel? Patagonia. It has been a dream to visit the southern part of Argentina for a while and hopefully soon I will make it there. Argentina is actually where I met my partner, so we are both excited to return one day. 

Favourite type of exercise: Anything - except for the x-trainer!!!

Something clients don't know about you: When I was 21 I bought a car in South Africa and drove across 6 countries over 2 months to Tanzania. That was an amazing trip which opened my eyes to the world, how lucky we are all, and what's possible. That revelation came as I took the trip against the advice of opinionated people who have never been there. 

A purchase under $100 which has positively influenced your life? My thermos to put my coffee in everyday :) Life is too short for lukewarm coffee. 

The best thing about being an EP? Meeting new and interesting people on a daily basis who I wouldn't usually interact with and then helping to improve their quality of life, and health.  

We are again offering free 30min consultations during Exercise Right week with one of our EP’s to help you figure out whether you are exercising right.

Feel free to book in a consultation with Tom. We are experts in making sure what you are doing is targeted, safe and specific to your needs.

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