Can you use kineseotape to improve posture?

Can you use kineseotape to improve posture?

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It is well known how difficult it is to maintain good posture in prolonged sitting or standing positions.

Unfortunately, most of our population spend about 10 hours per day sitting.

Poor posture can lead to all sorts of aches and pains, as the body is placed in a position of compromise.

There are many tools that have been invented to help us sit better. Lumbar rolls, special chairs and posture braces are some examples.

The use of kineseotape to improve one’s posture should not be overlooked. So, as well as providing pain relief as mentioned in the previous blog, the use of taping for posture can also be a very useful one.

Kineseotape can be applied to any part of the body to remind the body of where it should be.

If taped, messages will be sent to the brain to remind you to correct your posture.

One of my favourite postural applications can be seen in this picture.


As a physiotherapist, correcting posture is something I do every day.

Postural taping with kineseotape is a comfortable and effective modality in improving one’s posture.

Do you know anyone who would benefit from postural taping?

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