Can music help you keep off the Christmas kilos?

Can music help you keep off the Christmas kilos?

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Tis the season to be jolly! Celebrations aplenty, food overflowing and drinks in abundance! Not hard to see why it is the most wonderful time of the year.

Although wonderful, it is certainly a challenging time to remain strong and keep up a good exercise routine. If you’ve exchanged your joggers for stilettos, your daily piece of fruit for the fruit mince tarts and your water for wine..never fear!

My Christmas gift to you is the gift of MUSIC!!

History shows us that people have been making and listening to music whilst doing challenging things for many years. For example, chain gangs of prisoners would often sing in synchrony with the beat of their work.

 Research has since shown that

  • Music can reduce your perception of exhaustion during a moderate workout and boost your physical output (think recovering from a Christmas party)
  • Syncing your movements with a musical beat seems to increase stamina and metabolic efficiency (so can help maintain weight over the holiday season)
  • Although long term benefits have been difficult to monitor, there is evidence suggesting that music helps increase exercise adherence. (so playing music just helps you get it done

At this time of year, remaining consistent with your physical activity seems near impossible! Take comfort knowing that getting outside for 30 minutes with some good tunes playing will be doing you (and your waistline) some serious good.

Despite not being known for my taste in music (this is an understatement), it’s good to know now that calling on Brittany and Beyonce is a step in the right direction.

 Try exercising with music and let me know how you go!

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