The ANZAC Day Challenge

The ANZAC Day Challenge

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ANZAC day usually conjures images of a crumbly Anzac Biscuit or a pint of beer with a game of two-up at the pub.

However, this year will be a little different for a few of the BJC Health team, as the long weekend will now involve the ANZAC Day Challenge, a trail marathon to raise funds for Soldier On to help them in the vital work they do supporting our servicemen and women.

There are 3 different events (25, 40 and 65km), which go through areas including St Ives Showground, Duffy’s Forest, Bobbin Head and Davidson Park.

Training for such an event can involve not only physical preparation for the body, but mental training to prepare the mind as well.

We have been lucky enough to be able to train on the race day route, which often isn’t the case for trail marathons. Because of this, we are now well equipped to handle the challenges the course brings. This can be advantageous as we will know every hill, every undulation, as well as where there may be technical downhill paths.

For those of us that have been very committed to doing the run well, knowing the route also can help with visualising the challenging components of it. Here is some research to support the use of mental training in improving performance.

On the flip side, sometimes knowing what is ahead can bring more fear and apprehension.

With just under a week to go till ANZAC day, we don’t have long to prepare.

Hopefully, we can also enjoy an Anzac biscuit or two after we have finished!

For those of you who are also preparing for an upcoming challenge, do you think knowing what ahead helps or hinders your performance?

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