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Active April

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We all know that we need to exercise more. And for a lot of us, we just can’t seem to find the time. Kids, working long hours and now the changing seasons seem to be some of the more common barriers that prevent us from getting active.

To help conquer the cold, Sarah last week gave us some of her secrets to keep fit during the darker and cooler months. Read it here if you missed out.

This month is Active April at BJC. Now don’t be scared, we are not expecting more gym sessions or long hard runs. Active April is all about getting us into the habit of sitting less and moving more often.

With everyone’s lifestyles being jam packed, time for exercise is often limited. We recognise getting up at 5am or doing 8pm fitness sessions is not everyone’s cup of tea.

So for those days when you’re working a 12 hour shift, or if you spend your free time taxi-ing the kids around for their afternoon sport, how do you keep active in April?

To help get you moving more in April, I have asked the BJC Health Parramatta Physio and EP team for their top tips.

Robyn (exercise physiologist Parramatta):

“ Using exercise trackers, so you can visually keep an eye on your exercise frequency, will help keep  you motivated”

“Also think about incidental exercise, park your car further away from work or the shops so you have to walk more, take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator”

Phil (exercise physiologist Parramatta):

“Plan ahead so your exercise sessions are scheduled into your week and other activities can fit around it”

“Plan to walk or exercise when you are watching your kids at training or playing sport”

Justine (Physio Parramatta):

“ Get up every 30 minutes when sitting at home or work, it will stop your muscles and joints from getting stiff and sore"

Jacqueline (Physio Parramatta)

“Use your lunch breaks for a quick 20 minute power walk or stair session. Research shows that exercise improves concentration and creativity!"

We all know that we need to exercise but life can make it tough to commit. Why not use Active April and the advice from our allied health to help you get moving?

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