Play the way you train

Play the way you train

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‘ Play the way you train ’, a mantra many an athlete has heard before.

I first saw this video a couple of years ago, and was then shown it again when I completed the AIS sports nutrition course.

But what does nutrition have to do with a guy being beaten with poles as he runs into the water?

As you can see from the movie, if you aren’t prepared for race conditions, you’re probably going to struggle. If you are, you’ll know what to expect, and are likely perform much better.

Food is much the same, regardless of if it is a race you’re competing in, or even if you aren’t an athlete, but suffer from IBS; practicing with your food is a necessity.


If you’re an athlete, you may suffer from runners gut, which is a condition which brings on IBS like symptoms when running. Different foods react with people in different ways, so practicing with different foods and drinks that you plan to use race day in your training is essential.

The last thing you want is to have some terrible gut issue on race day and either not finish, or not perform at your best.

If you have IBS, knowing what you react to, so what you should eat, and should avoid will make your life much easier. The perfect example of this is a client I saw recently who made the decision to come and see me when she had to leave a friends’ wedding early due to the severe IBS symptoms she was experiencing; if she knew what to avoid, she may have been able to stay for the entire day and enjoy herself.

Take home message: The more in tune you are with what your body tolerates, be it at a party or when pounding the pavement (or trail), the better you will feel, the more you’ll enjoy yourself, and the better you will perform.

Chloe McLeod is a dietitian at BJC Health.
This blog focuses on diet & nutrition generally and diet & nutrition in relation to the treatment of arthritis and arthritis-related diseases. Contact us if you'd like our help in managing diet-related health issues.

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