Our new Online Appointment System

Our new Online Appointment System

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login-logo-6f9613b99d621951731ab03299df82a9We have just partnered with Appointuit to deliver a new online booking system for BJC Health clients.

After registering, the new system will help you book your own appointments, review and edit the appointments you already have with us. Our new system also sends you automatic confirmations of your appointments via email.

You can view the availability of our practitioners directly and book a time to suit you more easily than with the traditional phone call. All our practioners - our rheumatologists, physios, dietitians, exercise physiologists, massage therapists - are available for bookings direct from our website.

Whether you're a patient we're helping with arthritis or a weekend warrior coming in for a one-off consultation, this system allows you to make your own appointments with whom you chose, when you chose it.

You can find our booking form here on this site. We have the same system across all our other sites too of course - BJC Physiotherapy, Diet and Health & Fitness - so you can make a booking on any site which concerns you most.

The Appointuit apps for Apple and Android devices are also now available if you're using a mobile device to book with us. Please click the links below to download.

Appointuit at the AppStore

Google play Appointuit app


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