Live Guided Group Exercise From Your Home.

We would love you to join us to experience how good these virtual sessions can really be.  We appreciate many of you are new to exercising virtually and we wanted to make it as easy possible for you to get started.  You can observe or participate actively during the free trial.  I'm ready to access the trial, please send me the code.*

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Timetable for the week starting Monday, 17 January

Choose from over 20 sessions.
We recommend classes with a (B) for beginner or most Move Free Sessions.


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What is the free trial like?

Sarah EP Anywhere Trial


Why do you have a trial?

The virtual exercise program is extremely popular.

Virtual exercise is not something everyone is used to.  It may take a few times to feel comfortable with doing something new like this so the time in trial allows you to get used to it and find benefit.

This isn't a prerecorded session.  This is a live group session with Accredited Exercise Physiologists.

It's hard to capture the experience with words or videos and for you to know it's right for you the best way is to try it.

What are my session options?

We offer three main session types.  Move Free, Move Strong, and Move Fit.  More details about each session are below.  Please contact us if you are unsure what session might be best during your trial.

Move Free - Best for Starting!

Move Free

Move Free Sessions Are a Great Place to Start.

If you are new to exercise, or even if it has been a while since you last were moving, Move Free is an enjoyable group class with guided instruction.  The class is taught by Accredited Exercise Physiologists.  The sessions focus on opening, lifting, folding and reaching all with the guidance of our experienced instructors. If you are hoping to start moving again with a low impact, gentle and supervised option, then we suggest you start right here.

Our instructors will guide you through different stretches and mobility moves that will help ease parts of your body that might be stiff and sore. Our team will help target the areas which we know can get a little gunky with sitting or periods of inactivity. Get ready to loosen up those joints with this free flowing session!

Sarah Instructs Move Free and Explains It In This Video...

230 MOVE FREE   2

Move Free FAQ

Move Strong - Tackle everyday life with greater ease

Move Strong

Move Strong Sessions Aim to Make Your Daily Life Easier.

Want to walk further, climb stairs with greater ease, or simply strengthen your muscles to better support your joints? Our MOVE STRONG sessions focus on building strength and endurance, to help you tackle everyday life with greater ease. We will encourage you to add resistance to these sessions with either dumbbells, bands or whatever you have handy! (think water bottles, rice bags or tinned soup!)

Sarah Explains How To Get Started In Our Move Strong Sessions...

232 Move Strong 2

Move Strong FAQ

Move Fit - Stamina and endurance while having fun

Move Fit

Move Fit Sessions Build Stamina And Endurance.

Our Move Fit sessions will help you build the stamina and fitness required to make your day to day life that bit easier. Our team will lead you through a range of different movements and combo's designed to help you increase your heart rate in a safe and guided way.

Different movement options are always provided so that you can create the intensity that feels right for you. These sessions will typically require no equipment, the only thing needed is your own body! We guarantee that climbing that steep hill, or chasing after your kids/grandkids will be easier after a few of these sessions!

If You're Interested in Improving Your Fitness You'll Need To Try Our Move Fit Sessions...

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Move Fit FAQ

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*Click this link for our Terms and Conditions.

Sarah Explains the Trial in this Video

Watch her video and you'll know what to expect if this is your first time doing it and looking to get answers on what this means.  Ready to get moving with an instructor?


Sarah EP Anywhere Trial


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