Dear Steroid, I love you...

Dear Steroid, I love you...

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Dear steroid (aka corticosteroid),

I have known you for so many years and I thought it was time to write to let you know my feelings.

I do love you. You've been there for me through thick and thin.

You really do good work. Most times, very quickly and so effectively reducing the pain and suffering for my arthritis patients. They often love you as well because you make their lives bearable.

At times, you are a lifesaver. Sometime, no other treatment works as quickly (think vasculitis or polymyalgia) and while you may need other medications to help you, you remain the rock for many a rheumatologist.

You've allowed me to use you in so many ways. You come in so many forms, so many doses, and can be delivered in so many different and reliable ways.

Nothing else comes close.

I'm sure you're going to continue to be part of my life.

(I suggest you now read Dear Steroid, I hate you...)

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