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Here's just a few stories of those that we have helped.  In their own words......

*please note that the images are representative only, but the stories are true.

hiking-with-wife.png"I was a bit of a mess when I got out of my spinal brace.  Belinda and Jean worked on me for three months to get me moving again, then handed me over to Sarah (Exercise Physiologist) to get me back into my sports.  

Sarah has been wonderfully positive and encouraging, and together we've had great success. I'm back to cycling with my fast bunch, sea kayaking (including trip leading) and surf ski paddling (including a few races), and my wife and I had a fantastic hiking holiday in the Dolomites.

Just skiing to go and I'll have all my sports back in the bag.  I've got all the exercises - my body is ready - just need some snow!"

Tony Murphy (53 years)


enjoying-exercise.png"The team at BJC have quite simply, changed my life. Before I was overweight, regularly sick and lacked the motivation to do anything about it. It all started with some physio work to sort out some shin splints that had gotten progressively worse over a long period of time.

After Belinda helped sort out the shin splints she recommended seeing Tom (Exercise Physiologist) to continue on my goal of running, something I’ve always wanted to do, but never really had the fitness to pull off. During this time I was also working with Chloe on trying to tackle some ongoing health issues and just trying to get the weight under control, which had blown out quite a bit with the shin splints!

After creating a plan for some regular exercise programs and a diet plan (including a rather nasty FODMAP "challenge") the weight, endurance and overall happiness, started to improve dramatically.

I have now lost over 25kg since seeing Chloe and Tom and feel like a new person as a result, I'm actually enjoying running and exercise more than I ever thought I would.

Shane Machon (37 years)


bush-walk.png"I was referred to Tom Patterson (Exercise Physiologist) by my brother who told me Tom had cured him of all his ailments so that he was strong again and he no longer used any medication. He told me Tom was an extremely good looking young man with a great personality and the ability to convince me to follow his instruction. I wasn’t so sure, but I met Tom and told him my aim was to look like Elle Macpherson.

Six months later, I still look like me. But, I can now stand on one foot and put a sock on the other.  I can walk in the bush and not trip or fall.  I can turn my neck and the bones don’t crunch.  I can walk up a  hill and keep pace with others.  My shoulders and hips don’t ache, my back is straighter, my legs are stronger and I sleep better.

I don’t look like Elle Macpherson but I feel as good as she looks."

Jennifer Neilson (66 years)


gold-coast-marathon.png“After coming into some pain and difficulty with both my gluteal and hip from running, I was referred to an exercise physiologist, Sharnee by Rachael both at BJC.

The strength and conditioning program I received was tailor made to suit my posture, strengths and weaknesses and was such a great help. The program was manageable with my time available and commitment and was extremely effective in getting the results I needed.

My goal was to run a personal best time at the Gold Coast Marathon. I went on to achieve this and know that without the help & constant guidance I received by Sharnee, the strength I needed to complete my PB would not have come to fruition. Thank you so much for all your help.”

Jodi Halmarick (45 years)



"I was referred to this practice due to my having Ankylosing Spondylitis. This chronic condition is a progressive degeneration of the spine and hips. I was advised that the supervised exercise could delay the deterioration process and I was given a thorough base line assessment that has allowed me to use an evidence based process to measure my progress.

All of the instructors and assessors have proven to be dedicated and enthusiastic and I have been delighted with the fact that not only has deterioration been delayed but measurable improvement has occurred. I try to attend two, one hour sessions, each week.

Robyn has gradually increased the weights and tempo to suit my individual needs with the benefit of a class group that provides encouragement and support. I also discovered that my control of my Type II diabetes has been improved and the exercise classes are reflected in lower blood sugar readings without the disadvantage of increasing medication. I have a two hour journey to attend classes at Parramatta but this is more than compensated by the professional, friendly and focused service that I receive.

I have attended these classes for the past eighteen months and I have every incentive to keep up my attendance and to improve my general health and feeling of wellbeing."

Ken Middleton


50yr-marathon-runner.png"In a strange way, a lower back injury was the best thing ever to happen to me. Only because I came across BJC and had the opportunity to work with the team there.

By working with Tom (Exercise Physiologist), we have been able to address the underlying issues and imbalances that led to the injury (and lots of other niggles over the years).

I can now train and run better than I ever have in my life. That is not too bad when you are approaching 50 and your first half marathon 😉.

I really appreciate the enthusiasm, knowledge and communication that I have found with everyone at BJC."

Michelle Meyer (49 years)


active-50s.png"I nearly gave up! --- After a year of searching for a good physio.

I am glad I didn't! ---- After a recommendation from a friend, I went to BJC.

It might sound like a "Cliché " but it isn't. Seeing Rachael & Robyn-exercise physiologist changed my life.

They were very knowledgeable, helpful, understanding, caring, tentative, supportive, honest and professional. They helped relieve my back pain, improve my mobility, re-gain self confidence and last but not least lose 12 Kilos. I feel great now!

I highly recommend BJC to any one suffering back pain or wanting diet/nutrition advice.

An excellent centre where all staff from reception to doctors are professional, caring & knowledgeable.  Nothing is ever a bother. Great customer service."

Claudette Sabbagh (49 years)


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