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Complimentary risk screening

To support Exercise Right Week during 21st - 26th May 2018, the Exercise Physiology team at BJC Health will be providing complimentary risk screenings

Lacking the motivation to move?

Being afraid of falling or injuring yourself can be a huge barrier to exercise.  However, the evidence is clear that, the correct type of exercise, that is customised and done with supervision, will greatly improve your quality of life.

We see the positive impact that exercise has on our patients every day and are committed to motivate you to move.  So, much so that in the week of 21st-26th May 2018 we will be providing complimentary risk screenings.  You can select from the following;

  • Falls Risk Screen - A questionnaire and physical assessment to help quantify your risk of falling. After completing the screen, you will know whether you need some specific balance and strength exercises to help reduce your falls risk.
  • Cardiovascular Risk Screen - A series of questions and measurements to quantify the number of risk factors. Plus a discussion on how to address your individual risk factors
  • Injury Risk Screen - A Functional Movement Screen where you will be asked to perform 7 different movements to test your mobility, stability and muscle activation patterns. Your final score will be discussed with you, to help quantify whether you are at risk of injury to your muscle and tendon.

We want to motivate you to move and make improvements to your quality of life.

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Success Stories

Actually enjoy exercise

"The team at BJC have quite simply, changed my life. Before I was overweight, regularly sick and lacked the motivation to do anything about it. It all started with some physio work to sort out some shin splints that had gotten progressively worse over a long period of time.

After Belinda helped sort out the shin splints she recommended seeing an Exercise Physiologist to continue on my goal of running, something I’ve always wanted to do, but never really had the fitness to pull off.

I have now lost over 25kg since seeing Chloe and Tom and feel like a new person as a result, I'm actually enjoying running and exercise more than I ever thought I would."

Shane Machon (37 years)

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Lose weight and control arthritis

"It took me 45 weeks to lose 40kgs. This has given me a new lease on life and a different outcome for my arthritis.

Weight loss and arthritis

My inflammatory markers are now normal and I am on very little treatment for my arthritis. Weight loss was the reason for this. I am just a normal 42 year old women who was obese and got arthritis – with determination and dedication I was able to regain my health and decrease the inflammation from my arthritis to a normal level. I rarely take anti-inflammatories now.

In 2017 I completed the Mothers Day Classic 8km walk, Blacktown Running Festival 10km walk and the City 2 Surf as well as the Tough Mudder Half Mudder."

Nic (42 years)

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Run a Personal Best

“After coming into some pain and difficulty with both my gluteal and hip from running, I was referred to an exercise physiologist, Sharnee by Rachael both at BJC.

The strength and conditioning program I received was tailor made to suit my posture, strengths and weaknesses and was such a great help. The program was manageable with my time available and commitment and was extremely effective in getting the results I needed.

My goal was to run a personal best time at the Gold Coast Marathon. I went on to achieve this and know that without the help & constant guidance I received by Sharnee, the strength I needed to complete my PB would not have come to fruition. Thank you so much for all your help.”

Jodi Halmarick (45 years)

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