About William Casimir

Will is a trained Exercise Physiologist (ESSA) with Bachelors degree in Health and Exercise Science who comes with over 10 years of experience with elite sports teams, private clinics, in-home care and mobile services.

Will is passionate about helping his clients achieve optimal wellbeing through Exercise Physiology that focuses on the individual. Along with this he utilises his skills in functional range conditioning, integrated neurological movement practices and specific musculoskeletal protocols to be able to promote healing and recovery as soon as possible for his clients.

In his spare time, Will likes to be active through going to the gym, competing in Brazilian Jiujitsu and having adventures with his mischievous beagle.

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Wed 8 December 8pm!

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Cooking for Others: What's right for you and enjoyable for others

How can this event help me?

The holiday season can be one of the most challenging times to eat well. As we all start to juggle social gatherings and celebrations, we wanted to host an event where Monica will share helpful tips and tricks to help you eat and stay well during this time. We're also hoping this will positively impact those around you, as we start sharing more meals and time with others.
During our live online event Dietitian Monica Kubizniak will aim to cover:

  • Tips in Managing Portions and alcohol intake at social gatherings
  • How to prepare holiday food that is both tasty and nutritious
  • Strategies to balance the health needs of yourself and others when preparing meals
  • Some Anti-Inflammatory recipe ideas for the holidays

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