Get to know your EP - Freya Clayhills

Get to know your EP - Freya Clayhills

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We believe there is a right trainer for everybody. A personality and expertise match can go a long way in making exercise safe, motivating, and sustainable. 

This year's Exercise Right Week theme centres around "Who's your match? Getting to know your expert of exercise".

To break the mould and challenge stereotypes of who the right exercise professional may be, we've interviewed our excercise physiologists so you can get to know them! 

Meet Freya Clayhills:

Freya Clayhills-1.png

Where did you grow up? I grew up around Sydney down the road from the Chatswood BJC clinic.

Do you have any nicknames? Frey, Freybags, Claynuts, Cray Frey, Frey Frey…anything along those lines.

Star sign: Gemini.

Favourite food: Favourite food is Lamb! In a salad or in a wrap or simply by itself.  Yum.

Your favourite zoo animal? Giraffe! I’m just jealous of the ones at Taronga Zoo having that amazing view of the Harbour.

Where would you like to travel? Europe, as I have never been. 

Favourite type of exercise: I get the biggest kick out of team based exercise session. Anything  from  Sprints, High intensity or resistance training and game based drills. Something that challenges me mentally and physically!

Something clients don't know about you: I am half Finnish but have never been there (its on my bucket list). I LOVE sport and play Rugby 7’s, Touch footy and surf even throughout winter time brrr.

A purchase under $100 which has positively influenced your life? There is nothing that I could buy for $100 or less that shapes my life as much as experience and relationships do.

The best thing about being an EP? The best thing about being an EP is being able to take someone from a state where they feel they have no direction or confidence with exercise TO a position where they are pain free, excited to exercise and are motivated to continually develop themselves into a healthier, stronger and happier version of themselves.

We are again offering free 30min consultations during Exercise Right week with one of our EP’s to help you figure out whether you are exercising right.

Feel free to book in a consultation with Freya. We are experts in making sure what you are doing is targeted, safe and specific to your needs.

Click here to make your booking!



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