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Low dose Methotrexate: Myths & Realities

Low dose Methotrexate: Myths & Realities

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My rheumatology colleagues, Phil Robinson (follow him at @philipcrobinson) and Claire Barrett, are passionate about tackling the misinformation regarding methotrexate.

This misinformation comes from doctors, patients, "helpful" relatives & friends, nurses and pharmacists.

I had already written about this a number of times, and you can read my posts on Methotrexate here.

In an effort to try to educate people about low dose methotrexate and to dispel the myths which circulate we wrote an article that has been published this month in Australian Pharmacist called: "The Safety and Handling of Low Dose Methotrexate: Myths and Realities".

Phil is highlighting it on his blog (http://arthritiskare.com) as I am, on this blog.

Please help us spread the message. Tweet this, Share it, Email it. Thank you.


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