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Tendinopathy Update

Tendinopathy Update

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In the last 9 months, our physio team has been able to implement the latest research for tendinopathy management, which has been discussed in previous blogs.

I wanted to share with you how our patients have been finding this new way of management – in particular isometric exercises.

When I ask the team, I think there is a unanimous agreement that we all love prescribing isometric exercises, as most of our patients receive immediate pain relief in their injured tendon.

For us, it helps us win the patient over immediately, and hopefully increase compliance for the rest of their management. As I have previously mentioned, tendinopathy management can be challenging, and take up to 3 months.

The key point for us, as physios, is that we find the appropriate load for that tendon that is heavy enough. We also need to ensure we spend the time explaining to our patients the importance of the rest period between each repetition, as well as the unusual use of a metronome.

If you are suffering from tendon pain, I would encourage you to give these exercises a go – you’ll be surprised how effective they are!

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